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The all-in-one solution for optimizing and controlling strength training

Vmaxpro accurately analyzes the entire strength training, automatically recommends loads to use based on daily readiness and provides detailed movement insides.

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Peer reviewed accuracy & reliability
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Are there scientific publications about your validity and reliability?

The Vmaxpro Sensor has been developed in close cooperation with scientific institutions from the very beginning and has been continuously validated since then.

What you can do with Vmaxpro

An athlete’s 1RM in an exercise can vary by up to 18% over the course of a month. This usually means that fixed training plans overload you one day and underload you the next. With Vmaxpro you always train with optimal focus on your training goals and daily readiness.

Regulate load and strain

Let our autoregulative algorithms do the math for you.

How Vmaxpro works

Evaluate exercise execution

Synchronized barbell trajectory with video and velocity graph.

Technique analysis

Use it everyday

Designed to be used in any workout on any training device.

How to use Vmaxpro

Trusted by thousands of athletes and coaches

Make the right choices. Don’t rely on your gut feeling. Measure accurately what you or your athletes are able to perform and adapt the intensity of the training right away.

We have been using Vmaxpro in competitive sports at a federal swimming centre for about 1.5 years now. It allows us to optimally implement the strength training in our weekly schedules, so that each athlete can have an individually controlled and effective strength training in addition to swimming, depending on his or her daily readiness. Thanks Vmaxpro Team. Our progress over the last year has been tremendous.

Phlompen at App Store

It fits my needs better than anything else I’ve used. The bar path data is like having an assistant coach. One of the coaches said that today “I need this because I can’t watch myself lift”. Not to mention the drop data. This is a different beast.

@YorkStrength17 on Twitter

As a small, fine gym, we have recently often puzzled over how to make training more efficient or how to make training success visible. With this sensor we have found a reasonably priced but also extremely reliable tool to evaluate the strength and performance of our customers.

studio 24 at App Store

Velocity based training stands and falls with the suitable profile of an athlete to an exercise. Nobody is the same and so the profiles in Vmaxpro are individual for each athlete and each exercise.

Kevin Koenig from Deutsche Kraft- und Konditionstrainer Akademie

Since my training switch with Vmaxpro, the performance in my sport has increased dramatically. It’s astonishing how much training information can be gained from such a small device.

Kevin Kuske being 4 times Olympic Champion

Vmaxpro is easily the best training tool I’ve ever tried. As a weightlifting coach I highly recommend it, not only for the great motivation it gives, but the way you can learn about how your lifts look and. Let the perfection of your lifts begin!

Alex Nielsen at App Store

Vmaxpro’s performance diagnostic communicating a whole new level of professionalism to my clients. This sets me apart from the competition in a decisive way.

Kevin Speer from Develop Athletes

We are not machines and no two days are the same. Vmaxpro records the daily readiness of our athletes at every repetition and automatically reacts with its suggestions.

Jörg Mikleit from FC Ingolstadt

Vmaxpro Sensor

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