We help athletes to reach their full potential in strength training

Opti­mize your strength training by getting AI-based recom­men­da­tions on how to achieve your goals faster.

Easy to use

With Vmaxpro you can analyze your training with barbells, dumb­bells, kettle­bells, machines or your own body. Attach the sensor magnet­i­cally to the training device and you’re ready to go.

Test your daily readi­ness

Vmaxpro uses the velocity based training approach to deter­mine your perfor­mance and readi­ness to adjust your sugges­tions in each training session. With Vmaxpro you always get the optimum out of every training session.

Intel­li­gent strength training

The Vmaxpro AI gets to know you better and better over time and gives you opti­mized sugges­tions for loads, pauses, repe­ti­tions, sets based on your goals.

Scien­tif­i­cally approved

Scien­tific inves­ti­ga­tions and the involve­ment of training scien­tists at perfor­mance bases secure our high product stan­dards and our contri­bu­tion to scien­tific progress.

Digi­tized strength training

  • Icon Train and opti­mize your training for up to 2 training part­ners
  • Icon Get direct feed­back on your perfor­mance after every repe­ti­tion
  • Icon Finally train focused and adapted to your indi­vidual goals
  • Icon Presen­ta­tion of weak points in perfor­mance gener­a­tion

Analyze your tech­nique

  • Icon Auto­mat­i­cally with barbell trajec­to­ries synchro­nized video record­ings
  • Icon Get direct feed­back on your tech­nique after every repe­ti­tion
  • Icon Recog­nize char­ac­ter­is­tics that even an expe­ri­enced trainer cannot iden­tify
  • Icon Presen­ta­tion of weak points in the tech­nique during the execu­tion of a move­ment

Our prod­ucts

Vmaxpro can be adapted to a wide variety of needs and thus offers every athlete an optimal expe­ri­ence.


Vmaxpro Sensor

Vmaxpro Trainer

Vmaxpro Trainer
Virtueller CoachVirtual coach training recom­men­da­tions
AthletenSave every single repe­ti­tion in the archive
CSV ExportMaximum manage­able athletes
EinzelwiederholungenPDF-CSV-Export of training data
Virtual coach training recom­men­da­tions
Save every single repe­ti­tion in the archive
Maximum manage­able athletes
PDF-CSV-Export of training data

Vmaxpro Science

Vmaxpro Science
Our exten­sion for recording accel­er­a­tions with scien­tific demands - no matter what move­ment.

Down­load the Vmaxpro App

One appli­ca­tion for all features. Down­load the Vmaxpro app for your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

Order your Vmaxpro Sensor

All our sensors and the case have been manu­fac­tured by local producers in Germany.