Let’s revolutionize strength training together

The result of the individual’s own drive – perfected together. Together we want to enable compet­i­tive athletes and recre­ational athletes to get the most out of their strength training every day.

True passion

Vmaxpro was born out of our own desire to make velocity measur­able in strength training. Our passion for strength training and tech­nology are deeply inte­grated in the devel­op­ment of Vmaxpro. A system with the latest features to be tested is always part of our own strength training.

Let’s create the future of sports technology

The Vmaxpro team wants to leave an even greater impact in the world of sport in the future so that more athletes across the globe can reach their full poten­tial. If you would like to accom­pany or support us on this journey, just contact us.

"Making the right decisions in your daily training can in the long run decide whether an athlete can have 15 good years instead of 10."

– Marcel Blau­mann – CEO