Look at the bigger picture.

Get more than just the ordinary performance of your athletes. Also see in which areas of the lift an athlete has problems.

Use technology wisely

Vmaxpro can help you make the right decisions in training without disrupting your training flow. The combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis gives you a completely new perspective on strength training. The conclusions for your training can be done by yourself or with the help of our app.

Bar path/Bar trajectory

Analyze every moment

Be able to distinguish things that are very difficult to see with the bare eye. For example, rotations, inclinations, acceleration vectors or velocities for every moment of a lift.

All the tools to plan, track and analyze strength training.

No matter which values are of interest to you in strength training. Vmaxpro provides all relevant metrics for the objective evaluation of an athlete.

Go FROM “We still train to strict cycles.” TO use objective data to adapt your training on the fly according to your goals.

Only the combination of quantitative and qualitative data gives an overall picture of the strength training of an athlete.

Go FROM “I thought that was a well performed lift.” TO clear visibility of weak points during a lift.

Browse your data using a wide range of parameters and compare historical data with those of the present - down to the single repetition.

Go FROM “I have no idea what I trained 2 months ago” TO have an overview of all your historical data at all times.

Consider performance data in a historical context in order to recognize performance drops and therefore be able to react accordingly.

Go FROM “Have I really gotten stronger lately?” TO see your relevant performance indicators over time.

The recording of accelerations of a wide variety of motion sequences allows a large number of conclusions to be drawn about the motion quality.

Go FROM “I guess our evaluation methods are good enough.” TO go into every last detail with your sports science analyses.

Select specific data that you can further process in Excel or AM systems. This allows Vmaxpro's data to be better integrated into the overall view of an athlete.

Go FROM “I thought my strength training is on point.” TO consider strength training in the context of other environmental factors.

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