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Vmaxpro vs. PUSH Pro® Band

Vmaxpro accurately analyzes the entire strength training, automatically recommends loads to use based on daily readiness and provides detailed movement insides. See how it stands up against PUSH Pro® Band.

What you can do with Vmaxpro

Make the right choices. Don’t rely on your gut feeling. Measure accurately what you or your athletes are able to perform and adapt the intensity of the training right away.

Regulate load and strain

Let our autoregulative algorithms do the math for you.

How Vmaxpro works

Evaluate exercise execution

Synchronized barbell trajectory with video and velocity graph.

Technique analysis

Use it everyday

Designed to be used in any workout on any training device.

How to use Vmaxpro

Why you should choose Vmaxpro instead of PUSH Pro® Band

Find out why Vmaxpro is the leading performance diagnostic tool used by competitive athletes.

PUSH Pro® Band
Convenient usability
The Vmaxpro Sensors are convenient, magnetic and can also be attached to almost every training equipment using the included Velcro strap. No strings attached.
Real-time bar path analysis
Synchronize your barbell trajectories with video recordings and analyze various offset and performance metrics.
Automatic load suggestions
Our algorithms continuously analyze your performance and provide daily load suggestions based on your goals.
Accurate measurements
Our Vmaxpro Sensors offer a very small measurement error, optimal for professional applications.
Multiple athletes with 1 sensor
You can easily manage a strength training with several people and only one sensor.
Multiple sensors per iPad
Connect up to 3 Vmaxpro Sensors to one iPad.

Evaluation Study

The Otto-von-Guericke University has compared different VBT measuring devices using the VICON reference system. The following graph shows the results of 3 exercises.