Velocity Based Strength Training

Start getting state of the art elite level diag­nos­tics of your training

Tech­nique Analysis of Move­ments

Analyze your move­ments on a level no coach in the world can

Video Recording

Record and synchro­nize every move­ment with it’s trajec­tory

Daily Perfor­mance Analysis

Get daily feed­back on your state of perfor­mance

Move­ment Distance

Average Velocity

Peak Velocity

Force Velocity Curve

Minimum Velocity Thresh­hold

1RM Predic­tion

Move­ment Trajec­tory

Manage Multiple Athletes

Perfor­mance Analysis as PDF

Accel­er­a­tion Graph

Velocity Graph

Points of Maximum Velocity and Accel­er­a­tion

Training Data Archive