Wir liefern dir detaillierte und genaue Bewegungskennzahlen


There are many metrics in strength training. With the scien­tif­i­cally eval­u­ated Vmaxpro Sensor you have the possi­bility to measure the most rele­vant ones for power­lifting and weightlifting. Most of these values are not visible to the human eye. There­fore, Vmaxpro offers the possi­bility to add value to the training of all coaches and athletes.

Average velocity

Indi­cates the average velocity of your lift over the distance.

Peak velocity

Indi­cates the peak velocity reached during your lift.


Indi­cates the power gener­ated during the lift.


Indi­cates the distance trav­elled by the sensor during the lift.

Movement duration

Gibt die Dauer des Lifts an.

Duration between reps

Spec­i­fies the time between 2 lifts.


Point of max. velocity

This value shows you the point of maximum velocity of the lift.

Point of max. acceleration

This value shows you the point of maximum accel­er­a­tion of the lift.


Minimum Velocity Threshold

This value shows you the point of maximum velocity of the lift.

Muscle Performance Threshold

Point of maximum mechan­ical muscle power.

1 Repetition Maximum

Maximales Gewicht, das in einer Übung bewegt werden kann.

Wichtige VBT-Kennzahlen
The recording of trajec­to­ries and our other recorded values is tech­no­log­i­cally very complex. There­fore, inac­cu­ra­cies may occur from time to time.