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Why are repe­ti­tions not recorded again and again?
  1. Do you take a short break with the corre­spon­ding rest posi­tion of the barbell before each repe­ti­tion? This is necessary for older sensor genera­tions and after strong impacts. Pay atten­tion to the indi­cator in the trai­ning bar.
  2. Is the minimum distance to count a repe­ti­tion correctly selected in the settings?
  3. Are you connected to a Blue­tooth headset or similar during recording? Some models take so much band­width that Vmaxpro can no longer receive enough data to reco­gnize your repe­ti­tions.
  4. Strong vibra­tions caused by loose iron plates on the barbell can prevent repe­ti­tions from being detected. We recom­mend the use of clamps.
Why do I not auto­ma­ti­cally receive the Vmaxpro Trainer exten­sion as a customer of the first hour?

We assign this exten­sion auto­ma­ti­cally based on certain para­me­ters. Due to certain circum­s­tances it can some­times happen that these are not fulfilled and then no license is granted. Just write us a mail and we will activate the exten­sion for you manu­ally.

Why are very slow excentric move­ments not recorded?

Our measu­ring tech­no­logy, with its high demand on data accu­racy, has certain physical limits within which it works reli­ably. Very slow eccentric move­ments in combi­na­tion with a fast concentric phase can lead to faulty record­ings.

Why doesn't the app give me any trai­ning recom­men­da­tions?

All recom­men­da­tions are based on the velo­city profile for an athlete in an exer­cise. For this profile at least 3 loads over 40% 1RM must be recorded at maximum execu­tion velo­city. Further­more, it is important for the accu­racy of the 1RM esti­ma­tion that the MVT is known. For this you can perform a set between 70 and 90% until shortly before the failure.

Why is my 1-RM wrong or jumps heavily?
  1. The 1-RM is calcu­lated from velo­ci­ties at diffe­rent loads and the slowest execu­tion speed. This is assumed star­ting with 0.5 m/s and adapts itself by lear­ning.
  2. Consciously slow repe­ti­tions with light weight lead to misjudgments.
  3. Were all weights entered correctly?
  4. Each varia­tion of an exer­cise, e.g. Squat or Front squat, must be created as a sepa­rate exer­cise in order to be able to make valid state­ments about the 1-RM.
How long does the battery last?

The battery of older genera­tion sensors normally lasts about 4 hours in trai­ning. This time can be lower due to external envi­ron­mental influ­ences, such as low tempe­ra­tures.

Not every discharge curve of the battery batches is abso­lutely iden­tical, whereby the app can parti­ally display the charge state incor­rectly.

If very low battery life should occur perman­ently, please contact us and we will find a solu­tion toge­ther.

Our new sensor genera­tion has a signi­fi­cantly improved battery life and should have no problems.

Which exer­cises can be recorded?

There is no restric­tion on the type and number of exer­cises that can be created. The diffe­rent exer­cise types are queried indi­vi­dually when they are created and can be confi­gured accord­ingly.

For which devices and opera­ting systems is the app avail­able?

The app is curr­ently only compa­tible for iOS devices with at least iOS 11 or newer. All iPhones, iPads and iPod touches that support this iOS are compa­tible. Right now we are looking for funding the deve­lop­ment of an Android version.

Where's the Android version?

Even though we can’t provide an Android version at the moment, we defi­ni­tely plan to do so in the future. We do not have the necessary capa­ci­ties for the imple­men­ta­tion. When the time comes, you will be informed via one of our commu­ni­ca­tion chan­nels. The Android version is defi­ni­tely the big goal for 2019!

What is the relia­bi­lity of Vmaxpro's data?

In coope­ra­tion with the Univer­sity of Magde­burg we have prepared various papers in which we have Vmaxpro compete against gold stan­dard soft­ware and hard­ware from VICON.

Scien­tific publi­ca­tions


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