Wie ist der Status von Android (Anfang 2020)

von | 17. Jan. 2020

Vmaxpro Android

To perhaps explain the situation a bit more and thus perhaps understand it a little better. Vmaxpro was first not meant to be a commercial product. Therefore, it was not originally designed for any target group, potential customer or anyone else. Rather, we worked with what was available and that was only iOS at the time. As time went by, it became more and more clear that other people might be interested in the Vmaxpro product. The need to offer Vmaxpro on other platforms was quickly identified. But of course this does not mean that this problem can be tackled just as easily. We are not based in Berlin, San Francisco or London, and we are also completely bootstrapped. That’s why it took us more than 1.5 years until we were finally able to hire a permanent developer that is able to tackle the task. That was in September ’19.

Since then, we have been working on the development of the Android version with everything we have. Unfortunately, this is not a whole department like in big companies, but one lone fighter who has to do some other tasks besides Android. This leads to the fact that our schedule has already been pushed back 1-2 times by unforeseen events. By this I also mean the release of a first beta version of the app. A final release, which offers the same or even similar functionality as our iOS version, is still in the far future.

I would like to mention again that we are 3 people working full time on Vmaxpro to date. This includes production, development and everything else that comes up while we sell our product internationally.

For these reasons, we no longer make forecasts on this topic. Because it simply doesn’t help anyone and only creates unnecessary pressure on, in this case, one person.

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