Start training

To start training, you must first connect to a Vmaxpro sensor. Click on the sensor icon in the upper right corner. Depending on whether the sensor has been exposed to a certain temperature change since the last workout, you will need to calibrate the sensor quickly. To do this, the sensor must be placed on all 6 sides until all are marked orange. You can then always see the current status of the sensor in the upper right corner.

Sensor Status

To add an exercise to your training session, next click the button with the text “Add Exercise”. The app will then want to know who is training and which exercise you want to train with which goal.

Übung hinzufügen

By pressing on an exercise in the exercise overview you get to the corresponding exercise. Now you have to press on the weight at the bottom of the training bar to enter your current weight, e.g. on the barbell, and you can start training.


Tip: In the settings you can switch between the dark and a light training bar.

The video recording function automatically cuts a video clip for each repetition while activated. The video recording mode can be switched off by pressing the red button again or by wiping away the video sideways. The videos can be viewed synchronized either by wiping over the trajectory or the speed curve.

Interpretate training data

Exercise overview

Here you get all information about the current status of an exercise.


Athlete overview

Here you get all information about the current performance level of an athlete in an exercise.


Tip: If you train with several people, you can easily switch between them by swiping sideways.

Set/rep overview

Here you get all information about a repetition or a set.



Here you get all information about your past trainings.

Archiv Übung
Archiv Athlet

End training

Disconnect sensor

Put training session in the archive

Training beenden

The trends and calculations in the archive are only adjusted or executed after the end of a training session.