Start training

To start training, you must first connect to a Vmaxpro sensor. Click on the sensor icon in the upper right corner. Depending on whether the sensor has been exposed to a certain temper­a­ture change since the last workout, you will need to cali­brate the sensor quickly. To do this, the sensor must be placed on all 6 sides until all are marked orange. You can then always see the current status of the sensor in the upper right corner.

Sensor Status

To add an exer­cise to your training session, next click the button with the text “Add Exer­cise”. The app will then want to know who is training and which exer­cise you want to train with which goal.

Übung hinzufügen

By pressing on an exer­cise in the exer­cise overview you get to the corre­sponding exer­cise. Now you have to press on the weight at the bottom of the training bar to enter your current weight, e.g. on the barbell, and you can start training.


Tip: In the settings you can switch between the dark and a light training bar.

The video recording func­tion auto­mat­i­cally cuts a video clip for each repe­ti­tion while acti­vated. The video recording mode can be switched off by pressing the red button again or by wiping away the video side­ways. The videos can be viewed synchro­nized either by wiping over the trajec­tory or the speed curve.

Inter­pre­tate training data

Exer­cise overview

Here you get all infor­ma­tion about the current status of an exer­cise.


Athlete overview

Here you get all infor­ma­tion about the current perfor­mance level of an athlete in an exer­cise.


Tip: If you train with several people, you can easily switch between them by swiping side­ways.

Set/rep overview

Here you get all infor­ma­tion about a repe­ti­tion or a set.



Here you get all infor­ma­tion about your past train­ings.

Archiv Übung
Archiv Athlet

End training

Discon­nect sensor

Put training session in the archive

Training beenden

The trends and calcu­la­tions in the archive are only adjusted or executed after the end of a training session.