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Download our apps for Android and iOS from the respective stores. Mind that the Android app is not full-featured yet and will be updated later this year.
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Athletes Each athlete is able to train and receive recommendations tailored to their performance after each set based on exercise-specific velocity profiles.
Athlete logins Each athlete can be grante access to the organization. This allows athletes with mobile devices to independently perform solo sessions with Vmaxpro Sensors.
Athlete groups Athlete groups contain athletes and can be assigned to coaches or administrators.
Coaches Athletes and groups assigned to coaches can only schedule workouts for them and view their data.
Administrators Administrators have the right to view and manipulate the data of all underlying roles like athletes or coaches.
App lock screen Access to the app can be locked for all roles with or without a PIN.


Stations A station is a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), for example a tablet on a rack, on which training can be performed with 1 Vmaxpro Sensor. Up to 3 virtual stations can exist simultaneously on a tablet. Each virtual station is subtracted from the existing station contingent of the account.
Multi station mode Create up to 3 virtual stations on 1 tablet.
Workout templates Create workout templates, which you can train or schedule for athletes/groups at any time. The load control of a workout can be adjusted via various parameters.
Workout scheduling Define when and how long a workout should be available for athletes/groups using various parameters.
Data export Define when and how long a workout should be available for athletes/groups using various parameters.
Interface export Export your training data in a way optimized for Athlete Management Systems.


Vmaxpro Science Get access to the Vmaxpro Science app (only available on iOS) which allows to record raw acceleration data of any motion sequence.

Comparison table currently applies to iOS/iPadOS app only. Please read the FAQ's to know the status of Android.