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Our vision is to support every athlete to reach his full potential - in every single repetition.

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Training control

Train with optimal weights and volume in every single workout. Vmaxpro will guide you through your workout based on your readiness. Get suggestions for training loads, sets and repetition counts to reach your individual goals. Thus achieve your maximum performance in every single repetition and train more professional than ever before.

  • Icon Goal-oriented strength training, based on your daily readiness
  • Icon Fast regeneration for your next training session thanks to ideal training volume
  • Icon Continuous motivation to improve your performance through direct feedback

Connect your Vmaxpro and choose an exercise and your goal


Follow the suggestions and reach your optimal training weight


Vmaxpro automatically determines your optimal volume

Technique analysis

An optimal technique is of particular importance in strength training and especially in weight lifting. With Vmaxpro you get direct feedback on your Olympic lifts, before the barbell even touches the ground. See how you and the barbell moved thanks to the built-in video analysis. Improve your technique from repetition to repetition.

  • Icon Direct feedback on your technique
  • Icon Automatic, synchronized video recording
  • Icon Detailed analysis of each individual repetition
  • Icon Representation of weak points in the exercise execution

Scientific aspiration

University studies and the involvement of training scientists at performance centres ensure our high product standards and our contribution to scientific progress.


Training control in competitive sports

Many individual and team athletes are already training with Vmaxpro. Learn how they use Vmaxpro in their daily training to fit their specific needs.

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