Daily Performance Analysis

Get feedback on your daily readiness.

Basic problem

All environmental impacts that affect us daily have an influence on our physical performance. Looking at conventional training methods, load suggestions in training plans are often based on percentages of 1RM. This assumes that an athlete theoretically should be able to move exactly this 1RM every day. The reality often looks different. As a result, athletes often do not train with optimal loads.

Load/set/rep recommendations during training
Load/set/rep recommendations

How Vmaxpro adapts to you

Vmaxpro analyzes your daily performance during the warm-up and gives you suggestions for loads, set and repetition numbers based on the collected data, adapted to your training goals. If you still want to adjust the intensity of the workout manually, you can do so at any time using the slider in the exercise target selection.

Training goal declaration
To illustrate what your current training performance looks like compared to the recent past, we will show you a current trend for each exercise.
Arrow for daily performance evaluation
Please keep in mind that our AI can only provide results if it knows your velocity profile for the respective exercise.