Daily Performance Analysis

Get feed­back on your daily readi­ness.

Basic problem

All envi­ron­mental impacts that affect us daily have an influ­ence on our phys­ical perfor­mance. Looking at conven­tional training methods, load sugges­tions in training plans are often based on percent­ages of 1RM. This assumes that an athlete theo­ret­i­cally should be able to move exactly this 1RM every day. The reality often looks different. As a result, athletes often do not train with optimal loads.

Load/set/rep recom­men­da­tions during training
Load/set/rep recommendations

How Vmaxpro adapts to you

Vmaxpro analyzes your daily perfor­mance during the warm-up and gives you sugges­tions for loads, set and repe­ti­tion numbers based on the collected data, adapted to your training goals. If you still want to adjust the inten­sity of the workout manu­ally, you can do so at any time using the slider in the exer­cise target selec­tion.

Training goal decla­ra­tion
To illus­trate what your current training perfor­mance looks like compared to the recent past, we will show you a current trend for each exer­cise.
Arrow for daily perfor­mance eval­u­a­tion
Please keep in mind that our AI can only provide results if it knows your velocity profile for the respec­tive exer­cise.