We help coaches to get the most out of their athletes!

Now you can make power output measurable and comparable

Let our system help you to do, what you can do best: Get the most out of your athletes!

With maximum accuracy

For an affordable price

Do you know these problems?

  • You don’t know if your athletes give 100% in the weight room?
  • You can’t do 1RM tests in-season to track your athletes development, because they are too risky?
  • You don’t know which loads are the best for your athletes for power development and therefore you have to guess?
  • You can’t manage your athletes fatigue properly, because you have no reliable, easy to use tool to test readiness?

Here’s how Vmaxpro helps you, to get your athletes better – faster!

  • Measure athletes bar velocity and see if they really give 100%!
  • Get daily predicted 1RM values of your athletes without the risks of a 1RM test — based on their actual bar velocity
  • Our system shows you exactly which load is best for your athletes power development!
  • Get reliable information about your athletes readiness in every workout.

Your benefits with Vmaxpro

Easy to use: Just connect via Bluetooth, pick your athletes, exercises and start

Vmaxpro is your assistant: You choose the goal and it tells your athletes which load to use based on their performance

Get the accuracy of wired linear position transducers with the flexibility of a wireless wearable

Get reliable data about your athletes performance to make better decisions with ease not having use Excel even once

Schwerathletik Verein Erfurt e.V.Rober Goepfert
Robert Göpfert @Schwerathletik Verein Erfurt e.V.

“With the integration of Vmaxpro into my training, I can adjust each session to my daily readiness in an autoregulated way so that I do not over or under stress myself. In addition, the technical analysis in real time helps me to constantly optimize my movements in squats, bench presses and deadlifts.”

Kevin Koenig LogoKevin Koenig
Kevin Koenig @DKKA

“Velocity based training stands and falls with the suitable profile of an athlete to an exercise. Nobody is the same and so the profiles in Vmaxpro are individual for each athlete and each exercise.”

What is Velocity Based Training and how does it work?

Still not sure how to use it in your individual case? No Problem!

Why Vmaxpro exists?

Our founder Marcel once trained in the USA with the world-famous powerlifter Louie Simmons after his Westside Barbell training system. Louie always set targets for the barbell velocity in his training plans, because the velocity is strongly related to the moving load. However, there was no reasonable way to accurately measure barbell velocity at that time. That was 2014 – the birth of Vmaxpro. Marcel’s vision was to develop an easy to use and yet highly accurate measurement system to make the benefits of velocity based training affordable and thus make it available to many more people.

By now over 1500 satisfied elite athletes and coaches reach their training goals even faster with Vmaxpro!

Be a pro – train like a pro!

With velocity-based strength training you get everything out of every single workout!

VBT tracker comparison chart

Training advices
Application range

VBT Wearable

3 / 5
4 / 5
3 / 5



5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5


LinMo Transducer

5 / 5
2 / 5
2 / 5


Bench Press Study

The Otto-von-Guericke University has compared different VBT measuring devices using the VICON reference system. The following graph shows the results of the bench press exercise. The other measuring systems are not mentioned for the sake of fairness. However, these systems are common competitors of Vmaxpro.

Vmaxpro Sensor

Sensor & App with all functions for training control and technique analysis

Vmaxpro Sensor · USB charging cable · Velcro strap 2.0 · Transport case

Perfect for single athletes who want lift their game to the next level

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Vmaxpro Trainer

Extension for the existing Vmaxpro app with which you can manage all your athletes and smaller teams

Only works if you own a Vmaxpro Sensor

Perfect for coaches who want to push their athletes to the top with the cutting-edge technology

From: 20,00  / month with a 14-day free trial incl. VAT Select options

Risk free order – 14 days money back guarantee · Only works on devices with at least iOS 11 · Android not supproted yet. Planned for Winter 2019.