Getting started


Any questions or issues that should not be resolved in the course of this text are likely to be found in our Help Desk. You can reach it via or in the settings tab inside the Vmaxpro app.

Vmaxpro Help Desk


  • Vmaxpro Sensor
  • Vmaxpro Eleiko Bar Sensor Kit + Compatible bar

If you don’t own one of those, you can buy a sensor here.

  • Apple device with iOS/iPadOS 15+
  • Android device Android 8+

Tip: You have to first connect your new Vmaxpro Sensor or a Bar Sensor Kit to a power source to turn it on. Every USB port which provides power is suitable. Make sure that the sensor has at least 80% charge if it is not expected to be used for a longer period of time.


Keep in mind that certain features for teams are only available on iPads. Android currently has a reduced feature set, the status of which you can see here. Please avoid questions about the development progress of certain features. We are on it!

App downloads

Initial steps in a short video

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Account registration

To be able to analyze your training with the app, you first have to register an account. Often, you have already done this during the ordering process. If not, the app will guide you through the registration process. At the end of the process, you should arrive at the app’s training tab. Please give the email a minute or two to arrive or check your spam folder.

Vmaxpro Sign up and in

Sensor connection

  • Place sensor and device relatively close to each other
  • Click on the sensor icon in the upper right corner
  • The connection should be automatically established

Depending on whether the sensor has been influenced by a certain temperature change, you will need to calibrate the sensor. To do this, the sensor needs to get placed on all 6 sides until every side is calibrated. The app will guide through the whole process. When finished you can always check the current status of the sensor in the upper right corner again.

Solve Android Bluetooth connection problems
  1. Make sure the device called “VMP” is not connected in the Android Bluetooth settings. If so, disconnect the connection and ensure that it is not re-established.
  2. If you still can’t get a connection within the app, turn Bluetooth off and on again.
  3. If you still can’t get a connection within the app, restart your device.
  4. If you still can’t connect from within the app, uninstall the app and then reinstall it.
  5. If you still have problems please contact our support.

Initial tasks

Entering the app you see a more or less empty screen. This is the training tab where you will spend most of the time using Vmaxpro. During a training session you will fill this screen with exercises. You can also predefine exercises upfront and perform them later.

To add an exercise to your training session click the button called “Add”. The app will then want to know who is training and which exercise you want to train with which goal. It is possible to add more athletes or exercises later. In case athletes have individual training goals, you can change them afterwards.

Creating exercises and athletes

With Vmaxpro it is possible to analyze almost every mainly vertical motion sequence. For example:

  • Basically all strength training movements
  • Olympic weightlifting movements
  • Vertical plyometrics

Thus, we do not provide any predefined exercises. During your first visit you might want to create exercises and athletes you want to train with.

Tip: Creating an exercise you should take care if it’s a barbell exercise or not. Further, mind the chosen exercise type and change if necessary. Being a barbell exercise, the sensor expects a certain maximal inclination. If this is exceeded, a repetition is not counted.

Difference between Strength and Weightlifting exercises

The difference between these two types of exercises is mainly due to the way they are displayed within the app. The exercises designed as strength training exercises focus on performance metrics and the weightlifting exercises focus on the bar path. The consequence is that weightlifting exercises cannot be performed without a rest position of the sensor between 2 repetitions.

Start a training session

Vmaxpro Sensor
First place the Vmaxpro Sensor on the training device. Performing barbell exercises we recommend placing the sensor so that the V on the sensor is readable from the athlete’s point of view. That way you can better compare your lifts later.
Vmaxpro Eleiko Bar Sensor Kit
The first sensor connected gets placed on the right side of the athlete when he is lying on the bench. The second on the left side. That way you can better compare your lifts later.

Tip: Impacts on the bar can lead to out-of-range measurements in the sensors. This leads to a drift in the data and requires a moment of rest for the sensor to function properly again. Dropping the bar, vibrations of the bar or even loose plates can be the reason. Using the included strap can often help. An example of an exercise that will never work are touch & go Deadlifts. The only solution to not getting drifts in the data is then to take a rest of 1-2 seconds between 2 repetitions.


By pressing on an athlete in an exercise you added earlier you get to the corresponding exercise. Now you have to press on the load at the bottom of the training bar to enter your current load on your training device. You are now good to go to perform your first repetition with Vmaxpro.

Any exercise you perform for the first time will hint you that a velocity profile is not yet available. No load suggestions can be provided for those.

Tip: If you are interested in how our load suggestions work, you can read the corresponding blog article.

iOS exclusive
The video recording function cuts a video clip for each repetition while activated. Open the video view mode by pressing the “Video” button on the repetition overview screen.

End training

Pressing the “Done” button on the training tab you can either archive or delete all the performed exercises you did. As soon as you archive a session, it goes into the training data archive. You can now view your past training data in the archive tab or further analytics in the analysis tab. Also, the data of the trained exercises will be used to adjust your load suggestions the next time you train these exercises.

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