How to handle quarantine strength training with Vmaxpro

by | 19. Mar. 2020

Vmaxpro Athlete Trainer
Competitive sports is one of the areas of public life that has been most affected by the Coronavirus. Many leagues and competitions have been postponed, sometimes indefinitely. For many athletes this is a difficult time with a lot of uncertainty and question marks.

But what to do if athlete and coach have to perform the strength training separately? Since update 4.0, every athlete with a Vmaxpro Sensor can send his or her data to e.g. his or her coach. So you don’t have to train in one place, but you can still exchange information about your current training progress. All your coach needs to import is the Vmaxpro Trainer extension.

See how you can realize this within the app

Otherwise, the following applies: Train under these exceptional circumstances under appropriate conditions if possible.

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