How to handle quarantine strength training with Vmaxpro

by | 19. Mar. 2020

Vmaxpro Athlete Trainer

Compet­i­tive sports is one of the areas of public life that has been most affected by the Coro­n­avirus. Many leagues and compe­ti­tions have been post­poned, some­times indef­i­nitely. For many athletes this is a diffi­cult time with a lot of uncer­tainty and ques­tion marks.

But what to do if athlete and coach have to perform the strength training sepa­rately? Since update 4.0, every athlete with a Vmaxpro Sensor can send his or her data to e.g. his or her coach. So you don’t have to train in one place, but you can still exchange infor­ma­tion about your current training progress. All your coach needs to import is the Vmaxpro Trainer exten­sion.

See how you can realize this within the app

Other­wise, the following applies: Train under these excep­tional circum­stances under appro­priate condi­tions if possible.

By Torsten Linnecke

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