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by | 30. Sep. 2019

Vmaxpro Custom VBT parameters
Our update with version number 3.3 brings unique features for teams, more individual velocity based training, improvements in 1RM calculations, AI suggestions and of course we now have a dark mode.

Until now, we always had the problem that with every sensor used, an iOS device had to be available at the same time. Subscribers of the Vmaxpro Team and Vmaxpro Science extensions can now connect up to 3 sensors to an iPad or iPhone at the same time. In a team you can track up to stations with an iPad (only possible on the iPad). Training scientists can, for example, attach 3 sensors to different joint points and record them synchronously (also possible on the iPhone). For teams, we are also testing a new mass data export, which makes it possible to export training data of several athletes individually. This function will later be extended to Vmaxpro Trainer.

Coaches who have dealt more intensively with velocity-based training have long asked for a mode in which they can define VBT training parameters themselves. This can now be done in the form of a self-defined velocity range, velocity drop, minimum velocity and maximum number of repetitions.
The rest of the changes are more under the hood and are mostly concerned with making calculations for 1RMs and AI suggestions for non barbell exercises more stable.

Also, the work for our Android version is in progress. We will start with a beta version as soon as we are ready to go. When the time comes, we’ll let you know through our various channels.

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