Our update with version number 3.3 brings unique features for teams, more indi­vidual velocity based training, improve­ments in 1RM calcu­la­tions, AI sugges­tions and of course we now have a dark mode.

Until now, we always had the problem that with every sensor used, an iOS device had to be avail­able at the same time. Subscribers of the Vmaxpro Team and Vmaxpro Science exten­sions can now connect up to 3 sensors to an iPad or iPhone at the same time. In a team you can track up to stations with an iPad (only possible on the iPad). Training scien­tists can, for example, attach 3 sensors to different joint points and record them synchro­nously (also possible on the iPhone). For teams, we are also testing a new mass data export, which makes it possible to export training data of several athletes indi­vid­u­ally. This func­tion will later be extended to Vmaxpro Trainer.

Coaches who have dealt more inten­sively with velocity-based training have long asked for a mode in which they can define VBT training para­me­ters them­selves. This can now be done in the form of a self-defined velocity range, velocity drop, minimum velocity and maximum number of repe­ti­tions.
The rest of the changes are more under the hood and are mostly concerned with making calcu­la­tions for 1RMs and AI sugges­tions for non barbell exer­cises more stable.

Also, the work for our Android version is in progress. We will start with a beta version as soon as we are ready to go. When the time comes, we’ll let you know through our various chan­nels.