News from the world of velocity based training

What is the status of Android (early 2020)

To perhaps explain the situ­a­tion a bit more and thus perhaps under­stand it a little better. Vmaxpro was first not meant to be a commer­cial product. There­fore, it was not orig­i­nally designed for any target group, poten­tial customer or anyone else. Rather, we worked...

How do our training recommendations work

Effec­tive strength training is based on the optimal inter­ac­tion of different stress norma­tives. These are the load used, the number of repe­ti­tions per set, the pause times between sets and the total number of repe­ti­tions. The aim is always to create a suit­able level...

How to determine a velocity profile and the 1RM

We were often asked how Vmaxpro builds up a velocity profile, how the 1 rep maximum (1RM) is deter­mined and how exactly the whole thing actu­ally comes about at the end. To be honest, even me as the devel­oper cannot predict or explain the exact paths to the result....

New features for teams and coaches

New features for teams and coaches

Our update with version number 3.3 brings unique features for teams, more indi­vidual velocity based training, improve­ments in 1RM calcu­la­tions, AI sugges­tions and of course we now have a dark mode.

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