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Scien­tific diag­nos­tics for everyone

The recording of accel­er­a­tions of a wide variety of motion sequences allows a large number of conclu­sions to be drawn about the motion quality. All record­ings are started and stopped manu­ally and can be combined with synchro­nized video recording. All recorded data can be viewed imme­di­ately or exported quickly and easily for further analysis on the computer. Since there are count­less appli­ca­tion possi­bil­i­ties, the eval­u­a­tion and inter­pre­ta­tion of the measured values are subject to you.

Measured values

  • Icon Accel­er­a­tions in three axes
  • Icon Sensor orien­ta­tion in space as quater­nion
  • Icon Time stamp in millisec­onds
  • Icon Synchro­nized video recording
Vmaxpro Science

Recording modes

  • Icon Accel­er­a­tion in sensor coor­di­nate system (excl. gravity)
  • Icon Accel­er­a­tion in the world coor­di­nate system
  • Icon Measure data with up to 3 Sensors at the same time


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