Vmaxpro App 5.0

The all-in-one solution for strength & conditioning

One of the most convenient and accurate systems for professional strength training analysis got even better. We have been listening to our customers for the past 3 years and created a completely new user experience based on your feedback. It focuses on providing the athlete with the information they need and giving the coach the tools to train a lot of athletes as individual as possible.

We have created a completely new platform for all our apps, which will speed up future development of our apps. In the course of this we can introduce macOS as a new platform compatible with Vmaxpro. The new Vmaxpro app will thus be compatible for all devices with Android 8+, iOS 14.6+ and macOS 11+. The existing app will remain in place temporarily. As soon as an account connects to one of the new apps for the first time, the old app will no longer be accessed with this account.

To give customers even more flexibility to customize our software to their needs, we will be revising our pricing model. Vmaxpro+ will scale with your needs and only cost as much as actually needed. All existing software products will be transferred to our new system (examples: Vmaxpro Team – Small becomes Vmaxpro+ – 6 stations; Vmaxpro Trainer becomes Vmaxpro+ – 2 stations). The number of required stations can be adjusted at any time.


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Key innovations

Complete VmaxAI overhaul – your athletes will be guided through their strength training based on their daily readiness. Pause times, set and repetition numbers are re-optimized after each set based on the training plan to ensure a perfect workload right from the first session.

Team management capabilities – no matter how big your organization is. The new team management options make it possible to represent complex structures so that everyone sees what they are supposed to see.
Team Management

New in training experience – we streamlined the information displayed during the workout to its essence and providing athletes only relevant data for the completion of their workout.

Stats Builder

Workout builder – nowadays there are countless training philosophies for which different metrics and control variables are relevant. The new workout builder meets the demands of all of these philosophies, while velocity based training always optimizes the training in the background. And yeah you can schedule the workouts you created for individual athletes or groups – once, every week or according to any other scheme you can think of.

New pricing

Our existing software products are all being discontinued in favor of a single streamlined product which includes just everything. If you plan to use Vmaxpro professionally, you just need to know how many stations (mobile devices to sync data back and forth) and you’re good to go.


  • 3 Manageable Athletes
  • 20 Workout Templates
  • 2 Station Logins
  • Data Export
  • Vmaxpro Science not included
  • 0 Athlete Logins

Free to download


  • ∞ Manageable Athletes
  • ∞ Workout Templates
  • Multiple Station Logins
  • Customized Data Export
  • Vmaxpro Science included
  • ∞ Athlete Logins
  • Workout Scheduling
  • Manage and create
    • ∞ Coaches
    • ∞ Athlete Groups
    • ∞ Admins
€15 gross or $15 net per station if paid annually

€18 gross or $18 net per station if paid monthly

Minimum order of 2 stations

What to come…

For the launch of the new app, our goal is to have at least all the capabilities of the old app included. Many smaller improvement requests from our feature request board have already been incorporated during development. Bigger things like a dedicated mode for jumps, joint angle tests or other things will be added bit by bit in the next months.

To stay up to date on future developments, feel free to visit our new roadmap: Link to roadmap

iOS/iPadOS/macOS: Link to Testflight
Android: Internal test to be announced

We plan to make all of this available to everyone later this year. Stay tuned.

Diclaimer: All data generated during the test will be deleted at the end of the test. This version is therefore not suitable for production use.