Vmaxpro App for Android

One application for all use cases. Download the Vmaxpro app for your Android phone or tablet from the Google Play Store and extend the features with the extensions you can buy in our shop.

Vmaxpro App for Android

Disclaimer: The Android app does not yet include all the features of its iOS counterpart. The differences are shown in the following table. This table will be updated in case of changes. Sensors with firmware < v5 are not supported.

Besides that, using the app in daily training is completely possible. Both in conventional strength training and Olympic weightlifting.



Sensor firmware update
Custom VBT settings
Data export
Sound feedback
Data cell customization
Video recordings
Quick load adjustment
Disable direct feedback view
3D trajectory view
Enhanced analysis features
Vmaxpro Science extension
Imperial system data
Vmaxpro Team stations

* not planned

The completely free Vmaxpro app can be enhanced with various extensions for professional applications.

Athletes max.
Number of athletes with whom training can be performed or whose data can be stored.
Data device sync max.
Number of iOS devices your data will be synchronized between. Can also be referred to as the number of training stations.
Training stations max.
On iPads, up to 3 sensors and thus also 3 training stations can be connected simultaneously.
Custom VBT goals
Define individual trainings by setting your own VBT parameters for e.g. allowed velocity drop.
Data export
API export
Special training data export for the import in athlete management systems.
Phone support
We provide you with comprehensive support in implementing Vmaxpro in your training processes.

Vmaxpro Science

Add 2 exercise types
Raw data export
Accelerations in 3 axes.
Connect up to 3 Sensors
Measuring with up to 3 sensors simultaneously during a motion sequence.

Looking for the iOS version of the app?

Vmaxpro Sensor

Vmaxpro Sensor-Iso


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