Vmaxpro Legacy app for Android

One application for all use cases. Download the Vmaxpro app for your Android 8+ phone or tablet from the Google Play Store.

Vmaxpro App for Android

Disclaimer: At the moment, there are 3 Vmaxpro apps distributed over the different platforms. On Android and iOS, there is one app each, which is no longer developed. We refer to this version as Legacy App. These will continue to be executable. In addition, there is currently a new Vmaxpro app exclusively for iOS, which is based on a completely new technological basis. The new Android app will also be based on this foundation. Planned release is early 2022.

This comparison applies to the legacy app



Sensor firmware update
Custom VBT settings*
Trainer / Team Data export*
Sound feedback
Data cell customization
Video recordings
Quick load adjustment
Enhanced analysis features
Imperial system data
Vmaxpro Team stations feature*

* Paid feature

Vmaxpro Sensor

Vmaxpro Sensor-Iso


It’s plug and train

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