Vmaxpro Legacy app for Android

One application for all use cases. Download the Vmaxpro app for your Android 8+ phone or tablet from the Google Play Store.

Disclaimer: At the moment, there are 3 Vmaxpro apps distributed over the different platforms. On Android and iOS, there is one app each, which is no longer developed. We refer to this version as Legacy app. These will continue to be executable until further notice. In addition, there is currently a new Vmaxpro app exclusively for iOS, which is based on a completely new technological foundation. The new Android app will also be based on this foundation.

September 16, 2022: The app has already been equipped with all features for some time. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of bugs that make productive use impossible so far. As soon as the app will be at least testable, we will communicate it.

We are just as disappointed about this as you are and thought that we could be much faster. Unfortunately, Android is still a very big challenge as a development platform.

Vmaxpro App for Android