Vmaxpro for Teams lets you train every athlete optimally

Together with you, we will work out a training system based on Vmaxpro that is tailored to your needs, with tips and tricks to take your strength training to the next level.

It is impossible for a coach to evaluate the performance of every athlete in his team on a daily basis

Too many factors such as sleep, nutri­tion or regen­er­a­tion have an influ­ence on daily readi­ness.

Increasing stress in compet­i­tive sports can lead to serious injuries

A person­al­ized load control for each athlete for different goals is impos­sible

Not using the injury-preven­tive aspect of strength training can waste valu­able poten­tial

The coachs’ eye

Always keep an eye on the perfor­mance of all your athletes in daily strength training. Recog­nize perfor­mance trends and adapt your athletes’ training to their daily readi­ness to perform.

  • Icon Perfor­mance analysis
  • Icon 2D/3D move­ment analysis
  • Icon Direct perfor­mance feed­back and recom­men­da­tions

Get all important performance metrics

Strength training has enor­mous poten­tial for perfor­mance improve­ment and injury preven­tion. Vmaxpro helps to make the right deci­sions in strength training.

  • Icon Exten­sive statis­tics down to single repe­ti­tions
  • Icon Export analyses as PDF, TSV or VMP
  • Icon Features up to 11 strength training metrics

Injury preven­tion through opti­mally controlled training based on daily readi­ness

Moti­vate your athletes to constantly improve through direct perfor­mance feed­back

Scien­tif­i­cally vali­dated, substan­ti­ated training vali­dated by univer­sity studies

FC IngolstadtKevin Koenig
Jörg Mikleit @FC Ingol­stadt

“We are not machines and no two days are the same. Vmaxpro records the daily readi­ness of our athletes at every repe­ti­tion and auto­mat­i­cally reacts with its sugges­tions.”

Kevin Koenig LogoKevin Koenig
Kevin Koenig @Deutsche Kraft- und Kondi­tion­strainer Akademie

” Velocity based training stands and falls with the suit­able profile of an athlete to an exer­cise. Nobody is the same and so the profiles in Vmaxpro are indi­vidual for each athlete and each exer­cise.”

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Benefits compared to the standard version of Vmaxpro

  • Icon Contin­uous and highly indi­vidual customer service
  • Icon Training with many athletes and several devices

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