Vmaxpro for Teams lets you train every athlete optimally

Together with you, we will work out a training system based on Vmaxpro that is tailored to your needs, with tips and tricks to take your strength training to the next level.

It is impossible for a coach to evaluate the performance of every athlete in his team on a daily basis

Too many factors such as sleep, nutrition or regeneration have an influence on daily readiness.

Increasing stress in competitive sports can lead to serious injuries

A personalized load control for each athlete for different goals is impossible

Not using the injury-preventive aspect of strength training can waste valuable potential

The coachs’ eye

Always keep an eye on the performance of all your athletes in daily strength training. Recognize performance trends and adapt your athletes’ training to their daily readiness to perform.

  • Icon Performance analysis
  • Icon 2D/3D movement analysis
  • Icon Direct performance feedback and recommendations

Get all important performance metrics

Strength training has enormous potential for performance improvement and injury prevention. Vmaxpro helps to make the right decisions in strength training.

  • Icon Extensive statistics down to single repetitions
  • Icon Export analyses as PDF, TSV or VMP
  • Icon Features up to 11 strength training metrics

Injury prevention through optimally controlled training based on daily readiness

Motivate your athletes to constantly improve through direct performance feedback

Scientifically validated, substantiated training validated by university studies

FC IngolstadtKevin Koenig
Jörg Mikleit @FC Ingolstadt

“We are not machines and no two days are the same. Vmaxpro records the daily readiness of our athletes at every repetition and automatically reacts with its suggestions.”

Kevin Koenig LogoKevin Koenig
Kevin Koenig @Deutsche Kraft- und Konditionstrainer Akademie

” Velocity based training stands and falls with the suitable profile of an athlete to an exercise. Nobody is the same and so the profiles in Vmaxpro are individual for each athlete and each exercise.”

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Benefits compared to the standard version of Vmaxpro

  • Icon Continuous and highly individual customer service
  • Icon Training with many athletes and several devices

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