Performance diagnostics should be simple – with Vmaxpro Science it is

Analyze accelerations in 3 axes for all motion sequences – whether in daily training or for scientific research.

Hardware and software for performance diagnostic applications is usually not affordable for most users

What if professional performance diagnostics were finally affordable for everyone?

Scientific diagnostics for everyone

The recording of accelerations of a wide variety of motion sequences allows a large number of conclusions to be drawn about the motion quality. All recordings are started and stopped manually and can be combined with synchronized video recording. All recorded data can be viewed immediately or exported quickly and easily for further analysis on the computer. Since there are countless application possibilities, the evaluation and interpretation of the measured values are subject to you.

Measured values

  • Icon Accelerations in three axes
  • Icon Sensor orientation in space as quaternion
  • Icon Time stamp in milliseconds
  • Icon Synchronized video recording
Vmaxpro Science

Recording modes

  • Icon Acceleration in sensor coordinate system (excl. gravity)
  • Icon Acceleration in the world coordinate system
  • Icon Measure data with up to 3 Sensors at the same time

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A Vmaxpro Sensor is required for use.

Benefits compared to the standard version of Vmaxpro app

  • Icon Reach the next level in the performance diagnostics of your athletes
  • Icon Integrated evaluation possibilities of e.g. angles or release times for specific applications

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