Make recording raw movement data a walk in the park.

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Did you bring some time?

You can get a detailed product tour in the following video in which we show you how to use multiple Vmaxpro sensors in combination with the Vmaxpro Science app.

Endless possibilities

Connect up to 5 Vmaxpro Sensors at the same time. Name and configure each sensor, according to your needs. We also plan to support sensors from other manufacturers in the future.

Vmaxpro Science Virtual streams

The output of integration values and angles enables you to rate your measured values right inside the app.

Vmaxpro Science Virtual streams

Available for all devices running iOS/iPadOS 15, macOS 11 or newer.

Do you have any evidence that you are any good?

The Otto-von-Guericke University has compared different VBT measuring devices using the VICON reference system. The following graph shows the results of 3 exercises. The other measuring systems are not mentioned for the sake of fairness. However, these systems are common competitors of Vmaxpro.

Sorry but this chart only makes sense on a bigger screen.

Bench Press paper

Download scientific paper

Back Squat paper

Download scientific paper

Deadlift paper

Download scientific paper

Concurrent validity of an inertial sensor for measuring muscle mechanical properties



  • Unlimited trials
  • Customize measuring frequency and other parameters
  • Synchronize data with up to 3 video streams
  • Customizable data export
  • Connect up to 5 Vmaxpro Sensors
  • Calculate angles and integrate between sources

Works only on devices with iOS/iPadOS 15, macOS 11 and newer. Buy here and download the app in the Apple App Store. Login with your Vmaxpro credentials to make the enhanced functionality available. At least 1 Vmaxpro Sensor needed.

Stations Price per station
2 180,00 
3 161,00 
4 151,00 
5 145,00 
6 140,00 
7 137,00 
8 134,00 
9 131,00 
10 129,00 
11 127,00 
12 125,00 
13 123,00 
14 121,00 
15 120,00 
16 118,00 
17 116,00 
18 114,00 
19 113,00 
20 111,00 
21 109,00 
22 107,00 
23 106,00 
24+ 104,00 

Vmaxpro Sensor

Vmaxpro Sensor-Iso


It’s plug and train

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