Vmaxpro for Trainers helps you to train your athletes more efficiently

We use the training approach of velocity based training to objectively evaluate the daily performance of your athletes.

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The individual creation of detailed training plans for many athletes can take a lot of time

Too many factors such as sleep, nutrition or regeneration have an influence on daily readiness.

It is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate oneself decisively in the athletic trainer market

It is impossible to objectively evaluate the daily level of performance of your athletes
Velocity based training offers enormous potential for control and motivation in the training of your athletes

In-depth analyses

Make the strengths and weaknesses of your athletes visible in terms of performance and movement quality.

  • Icon Performance analysis
  • Icon 2D/3D movement analysis
  • Icon Extensive statistics down to single repetitions
  • Icon Export analyses as TSV or VMP

Velocity profile and readiness

The recording of at least 3 loads above 40 % 1RM forms the basis for the AI-controlled training and the automatic adjustment of loads, set and repetition numbers. Make the strengths and weaknesses of your athletes visible in terms of performance and movement quality.

Safe data

Your training data is safe with us and will only be stored encrypted on servers in Germany and France.

  • Icon Encrypted data connection
  • Icon European server location
  • Icon DSGVO compliant data handling
Goal-oriented strength training through daily load and exercise recommendations
Motivate your athletes to constantly improve through direct performance feedback
Proven accurate measurements of the whole strength training
Kevin Koenig LogoKevin Koenig
Kevin Koenig @Deutsche Kraft- und Konditionstrainer Akademie

” Velocity based training stands and falls with the suitable profile of an athlete to an exercise. Nobody is the same and so the profiles in Vmaxpro are individual for each athlete and each exercise.”

Kevin Speer LogoKevin Speer
Kevin Speer @Develop Athletes

“Vmaxpro’s performance diagnostic communicating a whole new level of professionalism to my clients. This sets me apart from the competition in a decisive way.”

FC IngolstadtKevin Koenig
Jörg Mikleit @FC Ingolstadt

“We are not machines and no two days are the same. Vmaxpro records the daily readiness of our athletes at every repetition and automatically reacts with its suggestions.”

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